Freelancer to develop an MVP for a new exciting Foodtech concept in London

Hi We are Lonod based start up launching a new Food delivery concept. We have marketing / website presence already and are now looking to quickly launch ordering/delivery MVP.

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Hello !

Congratulations on starting your MVP!
My name is Sebastian and I’m a industrial designer located in Paris.
I would like to know more about your app and we can set up a call if you re interested.

Leave you the link to an app I made this week just for fun and get some practice in Bubble.
Not all features work, but is mostly for showing the UX/UI and also how the database is all set! :slight_smile:

Also I’m currently developing a bigger platform, something similar to Dribble but with AR :wink:
Ill be waiting for your reply and set up a call or need more examples of what I have built.

Feel free to write to:
[email protected]

Have a good day.