Freelancers required for ongoing development

We are a social media and connectivity start-up in stealth mode with a grand vision to disrupt our target markets.

Following v1 development with a Bubble accredited agency, we are looking to build our expertise and start relationships with a number of freelancers to accelerate our build. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a wider team continuing to add features to our platform, which has encompassed c.200 hours of development man time so far.

Please get in touch through Bubble Forum DM, with:

  1. Your background (apps you have worked on, including what plug-ins you might have expertise in working with and whether you also have coding experience)
  2. Your rough hourly rate and location
  3. Your availability (do you freelance full time or is freelancing a side project?) in the days, weeks and months ahead

Many thanks!

Hi Chris,

Can you introduce yourself and tell us the name of your startup. There are a lot of great developers on the forum who most probably won’t reach out without these details included.

Best regards,


Many thanks Mido - appreciate your interest. As stated we are in stealth mode - happy to provide more details upfront to those that DM me (as I am doing so now).

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Sounds fair. Good luck and you’ll most probably find a developer here :+1:

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Hi Chris1111,

I’m Jof, the founder of, a no-code agency. We specialise in MVP apps, Bubble technology, and no-code development.

We certainly understand the excitement that comes with building a start-up! We are very interested in learning more about your needs and building a relationship with you. If you believe we would be a good asset, please schedule an appointment through our calendly link.