Freeze screen (block any action) during loading

Hello there bubblers!

Do you have any idea, on how’s the best way to “freeze/block” any user interaction while the app is loading a workflow?

Please advice me on the best approach of it (i will need to replicate it in every page of the app)

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When the page is loaded, you can show a loading popup that can’t be clicked out of. The last step of the workflow should be hiding the popup.

If you want to see this in action, go here:, scroll down to the contact form and send me a test message.

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Got the email. Does it give you can idea of what you want?

yup, you mean, I should put a “loading pop up” at the beginning of the workflow, and to close it by the end, right?

That would be a group, with a black color, high transparency, stretched to the full screen and maybe a logo animation meanwhile, right?

  1. Yes. You show it at the beginning of the workflow and hide it at the end.

  2. No, just a Popup, not a regular group. You don’t need to stretch it across the page. Just make sure the popup doesn’t have a background color or any shadow styling.

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