One page app preloader and loading screen?

Is there any plugin or tips on how to show a loader before a one page web app loads? I want to show a loading screen while all the page elements are loading in the background then hide the loading screen when all elements are loaded.


Anybody, help here? Want to show a loading screen before the page loads. How can i do it?

Try the fast popups (bdk) plugin

Using fast popups, is there any option to show the popup before other elements load? Then preload other elements on the page?

I just purchased your fast popups plugin but it doesn’t show before the page fully loads.

Have you tried manipulating the ‘Page is loaded’ function in the workflows or using it as a condition? When ‘Page is loaded is no’ show popup/make visible.

I am using the ‘Page is loaded’ function but the page fully loads before the popup appears.

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same. i can’t get ‘Page is loaded’ to work correctly.

@gaffneyantonio @sorensong @shu.teopengco

Currently I used to do this and it work very well :

  1. I set a group visible on page load and in front of everything
  2. When the page is loaded workflow I hide this group using custom states

Here’s what it looks like, if you need more explanations about how to do it let me know I will answer tommorow.

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Would you be able to share your workflows for me? I tried making custom states/workflows like you mentioned, still can’t seem to get ‘Page loaded (entire)’ to actually trigger anything.


@sorensong you can’t actually set this to the page is loaded entirely because I think bubble can’t regognize how much the page is loaded. Maybe a plugin / html thing can do it.

–> BUT you can make some test about the page loading time with different navigators and speeds and make an average.
–> Then before hiding your loading group in your workflow add Add a pause to workflow and set a value such as 2300

Tell me if it’s working
Can’t send you the editor link tonight but tommorow, send me yours in private if you want I will check too.

I hope just discovered the plugin 1T - Loading Screen that has been AMAZING! I had to pay for the access to LottieFiles but it makes my app seem so much more professional.

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