[FRENCH APP] Stamina - Nutrition, sport, psychology


I’m launching today my coaching app that helps user meet their fitness goals by combining nutrition, activity and psychology, in a fully customizable journey. Users can choose “pillars” which are topics of interest. Depending on their choices, they get daily and weekly challenges to move towards their goal and build healthy habits.

It was built fully on Bubble, alone, in 1 week and a half. I’m kind of amazed at how easy it was to do thanks to Bubble, especially since I’m not at all a developer.
It’s in French only since I’m French and would like to start with my local market first to fine tune the app, get feedback and adjust the features.
This is still an alpha, I’m for now just testing the concept to get market feedback and see in which direction to go afterwards.

If some would like to give it a try, don’t hesitate !

Have a nice day !