French phone format

Hi guys !

I actually need some help with a phone number data.

My problem is that when new client create their profile, i use a API call to register them into RingOver, to do this, i need the phone number to be exactly in this french phone format : - “33xxxxxxxxx”

Client can actually enter there phone in an input in 3 differents way :

  • 0x xx xx xx xx
  • x xx xx xx xx
  • 33 0x xx xx xx xx

so i need to find a way to be sure to convert every different format to this one “33xxxxxxxxx” in my database.

I try multiple time with “find and replace” or “regex” but it never work.

If anyone have some ideas, help would be appreciate.


Hi there, @vbouet… if I understand your post correctly, this expression seems to do the trick, with the find and replace finding a space (literally type a space character in the Text to find field) and replacing it with nothing (leave the Replace by field empty).


Hope this helps.


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