Is there a way to format text, like date, phone etc?

I feel like there must be but I’m missing it here. When you add an input field, you can pick the type like text, currency, date, phone etc, and have it format them accordingly, like changing a phone number from 4161231234 to (416)123-1234 and so on.

If I’m doing a repeating group and I add a text visual element that shows the phone number or a number etc, is there a way to tell it to format it as well? I don’t see the typical dropdown where you pick the format type under the inspector thing.


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I never thought of that until you asked! It’s a good question.

I found that is you convert your number into text, then you can format it as a phone number (as long as the text contains 10 characters that are numbers).

In the screenshot below, the source is a number. It’s formatted to have 0 decimals and no thousand separator (conversion to text without adding characters). Then, as text, you can format as US Phone.


Hi all! however, are there just pre-defined formats? I want to present numbers as a Brazilian phone number. It is look like (51) 99676-2345. I formatted the input text using a plugin and saved only the numbers. However I do know how to format the output. Is there a way to do that?

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Check this plugin “Input Formatter Plugin”

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