Friend requests and friend profile pages


I want to know how to send friend requests to other users? I want to create something where I see a list of “all users” and once I click a user I can go to their account and send a friend request to them. Once they accept, I want to be able to see the friends list on the users account. I would love a video or images on how to do this. I will show what I have up till now:

The list that shows up under “friends” just shows all users currently. It does not show just “friends”.

This is what I have in my database regarding friends as of yet:

I have a profile page for the main user, but I want the user to be able to see others profiles and send them a “friend request”. I want a list of friends and a list of users who aren’t friends with the user to then show up on the users profile page. Please help.

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