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How to create a friend system

how do i create a friends system so that a user can add another user as a friend? i have a friend button but i dont know how to implement it in the workflow. is a new type created for “friend” or is a new field created for the current user called “friend”?

Since these are “Users” then you would put a new field on User, called “Friend List” (or something like that) and make sure that you tick the box that says it is a list.

So that is a list of people I have made friends.

I also made a similar list on the User, that says what User’s have made this User their friend (so more like twitter that Facebook, so you can “follow” without the other person following you).

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when i establish what you told me, will i be able to have a page appear differently for two users that are “friends” versus when two users are not “friends”? i am trying to figure out how to connect two users like twitter or facebook so that posts from another user that is a “friend” appear in your repeating group, but posts from users that are not “Friends” would obviously not appear.

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