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From MVP to scale?

Hi guys,

I discovered Bubble a few months ago and I like it very much. I have a technical background but nothing related to coding. I gave coding a try in highschool and did not enjoy it. But I was amazed with what I can build in Bubble without coding. Granted, it took many hours of YouTube to learn how to do it but I enjoyed the visual building of my MVP.

The reason I reach out to you all is because I am now at a stage where I am a bit uncertain on how to proceed. I am very curious if any of you have been here and maybe can provide me with some guidance.

The MVP I have developed is aimed to help mental heathcare institutes to organize their group theraphy sessions (my wife is a psychologist and really felt the need for this). The MVP I have build can do everything we wanted it to and now we are getting some serious market interrest. The issues I have are the following:

  • Scalability of Bubble. So I see this topic being discussed all over the internet and I understand it is a difficult topic because it really depends on the application you build and the quality of your build. But somehow I get the impression that at a certain point people move away from no-code to a coded version. What are your experiences? I still think it is a great tool to build an MVP but if, in the end, I need to get it rebuild, I do not want to spend too much of my own time to improve on my Bubble skills. Does Bubble alreay have some large scale success stories that are still on their platform?
  • Pricing of Bubble. Related to the scalability I find it quite difficult to get a good feeling of their pricing. I am on a personall plan at the moment and I hardly use any of my CPU but how does it go up with a first customer. Not having a feeling for that at all makes it kinda hard to decide what would be my break even point in costs, and therefore, what to charge them as a minimum. What is your experience here? Once again I understand it depends on the application you have build, but do you use some rule of thumb per user?
  • Security of Bubble. So as I understand it security is mostly up to me. I think I do understand the privacy rules and got them set up correctly. Does this cover the main security issues? Page redirects are still a bit unclear to me. But as it is a application in the healthcare sector storing (just some) patient data we get a lot of questions about the security. I am looking at some agencies to help me make sure all security meassures are taken. But even than I see some on the internet stating that Bubble may not be built for healthcare in its current iteration. Any thoughts? As I am from the EU I am not sure how much the non HIPPA comliance should bother me but it has me worried. Just in like my first point, if I never can get Bubble to meet this criteria I will consider it just a nice tool for MVP’s.
  • Hosting in Bubble. As I am from the EU I am bummed out about the fact I cannot host here. I contaced Bubble and it will take several years before we can select this option, or I can move to a several thousands a month plan with private hosting (who does that for a MVP…) but don’t they basically lose all EU based customers who do not want to/ or can self store there data, while paying Bubble for this North America based options. How do other Europeans deal with this?

My appologies for the long thread and possible grammar mistakes (no native speaker). But I really hope you can give me some guidance here. Is Bubble serious enough to build scalable secure applications?