Pre-commitment question - is Bubble right for us?

Hi all - any help appreciated. We are preparing for MVP and Bubble has been suggested as a viable consideration. Before committing it would be great to have some feedback on our basic requirements. Our site will:

  • handle tens of thousands of users, potentially thousands concurrently,
  • be very media heavy - in time will handle many thousands of 30s to 5 min hi-res videos,
  • spawn media based on a many-dimensional recommendations engine of some description,
  • host thousands of video calls, use speech to text and apply NLP (natural language processing),
  • be very data intensive: collecting user site interaction data requiring extensive manipulation in the back-end (potentially Python or a faster environment),
  • interface with numerous (100-200) organisations via APIs or other mechanisms,
  • be multi-lingual and served across the globe.

Well, all being well this is what we are working to achieve!

Almost certainly we’ll need to develop some of our own functionality in time but for now we need to be able to demonstrate a semi-functional prototype, then produce an MVP before heading down the full commercial route.

Any thoughts on how Bubble can work for us (or not) will be very gratefully received. Perhaps we could use Bubble in tandem with another platform to achieve an efficient build pathway.

Cheers and thank you,
David E

In short: yes! :+1:t2: