Frustrating button alignment AGHH!

I have just spent he best part of an hour trying to make two buttons float side by side (next to one another) in a mobile view!

So frustrating, please help!

When viewed on large screen, buttons should be vertically stacked, like below image:


On mobile view I want horizontal aligned but they remain vertical:

I have tried everything, put them in a group(s), aligned groups left/right in mobile view and many many other variants - how on earth do we do this?

A less optimal way you could use go about it would be to hide/show a group with your alignments based on screen width. Just duplicate the buttons with workflows and align them accordingly. Not ideal but it might help you until someone answers or you find a better solution.

Thanks, I don’t want to use hide/show - I’ve actually given up … can’t believe how hard that is!

Is the text you have in a group that’s fixed width?

Hey @darren.james7518 :wave:

I know it can be frustrating working with responsiveness. The best way for me to explain it is to just show you an example. Let me know if this was what you were trying to do.

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Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you but this isn’t working either! Mobile view of your page shows the buttons on top of each other, but can you get them side by side?

Oh. Ok. Let me see what I can do.

It’s Ok, I really appreciate your offer to help but I’ve shifted the layout and am happy with it now - although I did spend a good 2 hours trying to do it so I’m kind of intrigued to know if it is possible!

A more pressing thing I am struggling with currently is how to filter a repeating group (posted here)

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Looks like you got plenty of help on the other topic. :+1: