Center Buttons in Responsive Mode

Please can i get help centralizing the buttons below to align with the text in mobile view ?

Hey @sokijaja :wave:

Responsiveness can be tricky. Let me see if I can help.

Can you try making the group that both buttons are in have a max width of 100%?See if that helps. If they aren’t in a group already, just highlight both buttons and right click and choose group the elements in a group. Then make that group center aligned.

There might be other ways to fix it, this is just the first thing I would try.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yeah, just group the 2 buttons, center-align that group, (maybe) set the group as fixed width.

There are some great videos on responsive design. I’ve been learning a ton and sharing some learnings here.

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I already grouped them like in a div and center aligned the group but it left aligns in mobile view for some reason. Thanks anyway I’ll dismantle that section and retrace my steps.

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