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I am using the Full Calendar plugin of Bubble. I want have dynamic color field per event, that can be selected like this (with a dropdown):

But I need to select the color from another thing like this (with an expression):

I’ve tried contacting Bubble support, having this posted on the Ideaboard for more than a year, tried many plugins, and nothing has this functionality.

So, does anyone know a workarounds?

Like any run javascript on page load for changing every event’s color or something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

It’s not possible. Use a different plugin

Ohh, no worries.

Would it be possible to add an HTML element that with CSS changes the color event to that event’s thing text (hex of the color)?

You could have had this sorted by now if you took up my suggestion in the air calendar post :wink:

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Its possible. I have done this in my calendar with the same calendar app you are using. You can see I have changed one of the events to a pink:

I created a field in my database called “colour” and as a text field, under the datatype “schedule” when I use that calendar I just do a search for the datatype schedules.

Then, I watch the below tutorial that shows you how to make a colour swatch and save it to your database (in my case Schedule datatype).

Then, when you choose the event colour, and choose the source as your data type *in my case Schedules) datatype, you simply choose the event colour to be the field name “eg Event Colour” text value.

Instead of making a change to the ‘current user’ like in the tutorial I would either: add the swatch choosing part on to the schedule creation part (the datatype that is connected to your calendar).
Or what I did is created a datatype called Clients, where I created a data field called Colour (text). Then when I create a new schedule, I save the Colour as “search for clients”: first item “colour”

Heres the tutorial I used

Also, you might find helpful this video, by Echo Lake Technologies, it shows you how to add extra values to your calendar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SFTiwzt1DM

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Its highly possible, I have done it below in the reply.

Hey, @equibodyapp,

Yes, the app currently works with the color field on the event, but having the ability to insert expressions to set the event’s color would be nice.

Imagine each Event has:

  • name (text)
  • office location (type Office)
  • color (text)

And each Office has:

  • name (text)
  • color (option set of many colors)

Currently when I chance the color of an Office, I would have to make changes to list of Events that have that Office and change the field color (to the new Offices's color). Or doing a recurring workflow (not a make changes to list of things) because many users have more than 2,000 events.

But if we could insert an expression to set the event’s color, it only be like This Event's Office color, and that’s it, without any extra workflows.

Thanks again

@hacker I get what you are saying - I’m just telling you a work around so you can move forward.

FYI I handle any changes to colour (and yes I use option sets for colour too and a text field) via database triggers - simple :wink:

If you start looking for solutions instead of the roadblocks you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve - as my grandad used to say ‘more than one way to skin a cat’ (this won’t translate very well if English isn’t your first language haha).

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Yes, I agree. Finding solutions with workarounds it’s great. I was just saying that it would be nice

But thanks

The only thing I can think of is to create a field called “office font colour” and use the tutorial to save the chosen office colour to the database. Then underneath the font colour choice inside the calendar app, do a "search for " offices and choose “office colour” as the font colour.

Not sure about changing a set of colours, unless you create multiple fields in your database and have a page where the user can change different properties such as office colour, text colour etc, and in each font and event choices in the app, always do a search for that particular thing you want to display.

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