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How to show a full screen loader ( full screen group with some graphics or spin loader ) while loading anything in a page (workflow running, while uploading picture or file, loading RG data etc).

Thanks in advance.

I would use a custom state. For example in a workflow you can set a custom state “loading” = true as first event. At the end of the workflow set this state to false.

For the full screen loader use a floating group with the same dimensions as your page with a rotating spinner icon. Vertical alignment of this floating group is set to both.

Then floating group is hidden on pageload en using a condition you can say show if custom state loading is true and hide if custom state loading is false

Hai @FJP Thank you. its working. :upside_down_face:

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@FJP is there anyway to get the spinner to be connected to the blue progress bar we see during workflow events?

Hi @boston85719,

Unfortunately I don’t if that’s possible or how to do this? Maybe someone else can?

Hi @boston85719

Yes with the use of the plugin ProgressBar Detection from @ZeroqodeSupport. :slight_smile:

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Thanks…I’ve looked into that before. I am trying to stay away from 3rd party plugins as my experience with them is that they usually have issues, or create issues with other components on page.

Was hoping there might be a way natively in bubble besides the workflow concept you mentioned previously.


by @AliFarahat Snippets and Code

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Thanks…will take a deep dive into it this week. I don’t have any experience with coding so it may be a bit of a challenge but will give it a go

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Yes, problems may occur but they are usually fixed very quickly. I use more than forty plugins, all in harmony with my app. This is the trade-off between having quality plugins for an affordable price versus the time to try to find alternatives and implement them yourself imo.

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Hi @bentoj72,

Some good suggestions above. Thought I’d chime in. Here’s an example I use in one of my apps:


It’s just a simple popup:

Using this plugin:

You could use @JohnMark suggested plugin alongside this to complete your request.

@lantzgould Thanks for the input. I’m going to attempt to use some of the code suggested to see if I can get a handle on it. Will probably use the popup idea if I get the code figured out to be able to “time” the blue progress bars visibility.

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