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Full-time Bubble Developer Needed! (Singapore Education Company)

Hi Bubblers,

We are Grade Solution Learning Centre, an online tuition company in the midst of transitioning to Edtech, based in Singapore.

We’ve just completed the full build of our edtech learning platform and we’re looking for a Pro Bubble Developer to join us Full-Time to be in-charge of…

  • creating new features
  • improving current features
  • debugging/troubleshooting
  • documentation
  • maintaining the platform

This year, we will be launching the platform live to our students. We will then be collecting data to train AI/ML models for auto-marking of open-ended answers and to make better study recommendations for students based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Our ~20 person strong team currently consists of mostly teachers, curriculum writers, operations executives, and an AI/data scientist consulting on the side - but waiting to jump into the role once we have enough data to play around with.

When you join us, you will be employee number 1 for the tech/development side.

*This is a work-from-home position
*We have already been using an MVP of this edtech platform for 1 year (with some success!)


  • 2-5 years of programming experience
  • able to self learn very quickly
  • resourceful
  • preferably within almost the same time zone as Singapore/Hong Kong

If you are interested, please submit your resume to [email protected].

You might also want to drop me a message here in case your email goes to our spam.

Many Thanks and Regards,
Jerry Lee
Grade Solution Learning Centre

P.S: If you are reading this and you’re based in Singapore - let’s form a Bubbler’s group and meet up for coffee! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @writingsamurai85
I have sent you email, please check it.
thank you

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Singapore based Bubbler here!

Not applying for the job but it’s great to see a fellow Singaporean building their MVP on Bubble!


Hi Ihsan,

Have sent you a private message! Maybe if more SG Bubblers pop up in this thread we can form a MeetUp group or community or something!

Hey @ihsanzainal84 @writingsamurai85

we’re in bali (not too far from SG :wink:) and growing our team across asia.

Fire across your LinkedIn dets in the DM and let’s connect. An SG trip is likely very soon.


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for putting together an informative posting. I sent you a message via email on myself and background. Keen to learn a little bit more about your objectives for your transition.



See you soon!

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I’ve contacted you via whatsapp. Let’s meet soon!