Full width not applied

Hi everyone,

I’m new at bubble and i have noticed something strange…
At the beginning of a new project, we have the assistant who asks us about the width’s project.
Even if i say “full width”, when i go to preview the width is centered.
But if i create a new project with a template and then, go to preview, this time the page is full width.

This may be normal but i don’t understand how to apply a real full width to a project without a template.

does someone has a solution ? i would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Thank you
(sorry about my spelling i am not english speaking)

If by full width you mean the page must be responsive to the screen size then all you have to do is go to the edit the page and uncheck fixed width.

in fact,
quite simple but i didn’t know it.
Thank you so much, you are a great help :slight_smile: