Fullscreen android from homescreen

Ok. If I find a way , I will let you know…

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Hi! I’m unable to get full screen with my add to home app on IOS now…
I managed to do that a while ago but now it seems impossible…wondering if it come from an update from Apple? Can any of you tell me if it still works? @louisadekoya

Hi @mattmazzega, I never tested this on iOS I’m afraid as I don’t own an iOS device myself. Do you know roughly when it stopped working for you?

I managed to do that I different apps I built until recently. I noticed the issues e yesterday with a new app I’m developing now…:frowning:

In your settings ‘general’ tab you can turn this on:

For the pop up “Add to home” This is a good one:

Works on both iOS + Android, I only tested it on iOS (it worked), so not sure if it works on Android :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if there are any potential security risks with having the manifest.json file in root?

I can access it for forum.bubble.io but would someone also be able to make changes to that file in any way?

Hi @mattmazzega, did you get this working again on iOS?

Hi @vincent56, yes, I finally did my own manifest.json with my option (Standalone). Are you interested in PWA too?

Standalone? What do you mean?

You did the manifest.json simarly to Android?

adding the option in the manifest : “display”: “standalone”

Yes, since IOS 11.3, things are moving on Apple side for PWA

IOS is now reading the manifest :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, great! I read about Apple starting to add PWA support, but apparently I was reading old articles :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s going slowly though…Notifications and service workers are still missing among other things…but the future looks great for PWAs (and for Bubble in that direction :wink: )


Hello @louisadekoya, @vincent56

I seem to be having trouble with my site prompting the A2SH banner. I’ve followed the instructions and suggestions in this thread, but it appears I’m still not getting the popup to come up.

Here is what I’ve configured thus far. (I haven’t modified the icon configs just yet but I don’t think they are the problem)

I’d appreciate any tips you can give

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This all looks fine to me. I take it you’ve tried adding an empty event listener like I did? It may be worth trying from a browser you haven’t used to access your app before, in case it’s a caching issue, or you could just clear cache etc, but I suspect you’ve tried all this already.

What do the meta tags do and how do they affect your site?

the meta tags allows the app to open in full screen (without the url) when it’s saved as an icon on the home screen

Hope this helps.

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Wow! I thought it was just used as SEO

Yes, I added an empty event listener and tested in different browsers. The manifest file appears to work but I don’t get a popup window

In your manifest.json file, did you leave your start_url blank? or use “/?utm_source=launcher”

My start_url is currently set to “/app”, which is the name of a page in my application, but note that if I recall correctly, I edited my manifest file at some point to support open signal (notifications) and I only wanted the prompt for notifications to popup on the app page.

Hi @tomi.adegbenro did you end up figuring this out, Im having the same issue, everything is as in your screenshot but im not getting the pop up?

Anyone that can help out?