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Convert your Bubble App into a Native App (iOS & Android)

Hi everyone! I’m announcing the launch of something I’ve been working on for months, a new native app option for Bubble apps via Codeless Academy!

I first started using Bubble in 2015, and I’ve always had a passion and a knack for expanding its web capabilities into the realm of native apps. In fact, when I first started Qoins, our native app was a Bubble web app converted into a native app using some of the same concepts we’re using today.

I recently had the opportunity to be on a podcast with Emmanuel, the Founder & CEO of Bubble, and I mentioned that I was working on something that would create new opportunities for Bubble apps to go the native route. Today is the day that becomes a reality!

Our Native App Service and Plugin are specifically tailored for apps built on Bubble. Our focus is providing access to premium features that aren’t typically available through other Bubble native app solutions. Some highlights of our current offerings are:

Face ID/Touch ID (iOS and Android)

Apple Pay (iOS, currently only USD is supported)

In-App Ratings (iOS only)

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 8.04.44 PM

Some other features that we currently support are:

  • Push Notifications (via OneSignal)
  • Access Device Contacts
  • Native Alerts
  • Native Sharing
  • Native App Header (with a customizable button!)
  • Internet Connection Alerts
  • Custom Loading Screen
  • Custom In-App Browser (similar to Facebook’s)
  • And more!

And because we’re focused on bringing you premium features, we have some cool stuff coming soon :grinning::

  • Sign in with Apple
  • Deep link into your Bubble app with data attached
  • Scan credit cards and barcodes with the device camera
  • In-App Purchases via the native APIs

Try us out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to what you can do.

All you need to do to start testing native features in your Bubble app is to purchase our native app plugin in the Bubble Plugin Store to test your native features. From there, create an account on our website and follow the instructions to view your app as a native app!

For a limited time, we will be providing a free first App Build to applications directly addressing/impacting the COVID-19 pandemic. To apply for a free App Build, fill out this form.

Additionally, if you’ve previously purchased any of our legacy courses from Codeless Academy, you can receive 30% off your first App Build. PM me to take advantage of this offer.

Happy Building!


You’re using Bubble for Backend in Qoins?

Very intrigued by this. Thank you for sharing, and congrats on the launch. I had a couple quick questions:

  1. How would you differentiate your product from @gaurav’s BDK native?
  2. Do you offer QR code scanning capabilities? I didn’t see this listed under current features, and it’s pretty critical for us.


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@Kirill Yup! We are still using Bubble for the backend of Qoins.

Thanks @ts11! Happy to answer your questions:

  1. BDK Native is indeed a great product from what I’ve seen, and there are absolutely some similarities between us and them. (As there is with any native “wrapper” service.) I won’t speak for them, because I don’t know what their roadmap or plans are, and I also haven’t used their service. What I can say about us is that we’re focused on premium, high-quality features that push the boundaries of what’s already out there. We don’t want to just make Bubble apps “feel” like native apps; we want to give people access to features that they didn’t even know they needed. We’re also constantly keeping up with new trends and requirements for both App Stores. We want to make sure our customers’ apps are able to take advantage of features in newer OS versions as soon as possible!

  2. We don’t offer QR code scanning quite yet, but it’s coming very soon! I didn’t mention QR codes above, but it will be part of the upcoming feature that allows your Users to scan either barcodes or their credit cards (so they don’t have to type in the information themselves).


Thanks so much for the response here. Quick follow-up: Can you share any timelines for when you plan to roll out those additional features?

While we don’t have a specific date for each individual feature quite yet, our target for the immediate future is to release a new feature at a maximum of every two weeks.


Thank you!)

Hey @natedogg,

Thanks so much for this this is really awesome! I downloaded the app but I’m just curious, how are you guys handling right now native transitions from one page to the next seamlessly, with a loading indicator as the new page is loading? Will we be able to pick our own loading indicators as we jump from page to page in the app?


Thanks so much for the quick replies! Excited to watch this product evolve. :beers:

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Thanks @jonathan.timianko!

Correct, if you are navigating between pages within the app itself, we show a loading indicator while the next page is loading. Right now, it’s just the default OS loading indicator of the User’s device, but if you’re set on having a custom loading indicator, feel free to send me a PM and we’ll get it done! :grin:

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Amazing! I’m really excited to join! just one question:

I’ve seen that the app store/play store rebuilt is 50$ per change

Is it possible to test the app in a non-store form, like an apk downloadable version only with purchasing the 15$ plugin before the store launching?

I’m still changing many things in my website, but it’s already useful

How does it work?

Another question: Is it possible to disable the autocorrection/suggestion words in the User’s keyboard? It is something I need ASAP

If it is not, Is it in development? or anyway I can do it?

Thanks @ri_scc_94! Happy to answer your questions:

You can absolutely test your app on both iOS and Android. If you head to our website and click on “Documentation”, you’ll find instructions on how to download our testing app and how to create a project and run it in testing mode.

You can also our testing app to preview your app without purchasing the plugin. However, you won’t be able to test any of the native features without the plugin installed. Additionally, even after you deploy to the App Store/Google Play, you can still use the testing app as much as you want.

Once you go live in the App Store, any changes you deploy to your live Bubble app will also be immediately available in the App Store version that your Users have. The only time you would need to deploy again is if you need to change your App Store listing/screenshots, or to take advantage of a new feature that we’ve released since you deployed to the App Store.

As for the autocorrect suggestions, this is, unfortunately, something coming from Bubble’s end. If you view the same page in your mobile browser, you’ll notice that autocorrect is also on. It is possible to disable this on your Bubble web page using Javascript, however it isn’t currently on our roadmap.

Thanks, I will look into this JavaScript thing to disable the suggestions’ keyboard, but I don’t know anything about language programming haha

anyway, thanks for the help, for sure I will wrap this up in a soon future (I just need my brand registration approved so I won’t rebuild if disapproved haha)

Hi! It looks awesome!

One question, why would someone want to rebuild his/her app? To change the name, logo or something like that?

In advance thanks.

Thanks @pipeleteli! That’s one of the reasons someone would rebuild their app, with the other being to take advantage of a new native feature that we’ve added to the after the app was originally built.

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Excited to announce that we’ve implemented a new feature! We know that keeping your native app on a single page isn’t ideal for everyone, so we wanted to have a great solution for multi-page applications.

We’ve added some slick native transitions! These transitions will happen automatically, each time you navigate to a new page in your Bubble app, causing the app to slide from right-to-left on iOS, and to fade in from the bottom on Android.

Additionally, if your User navigates to a screen that they’ve already visited, your app will implement a “Go Back” functionality. This will slide the screen from left-to-right on iOS, and fade out from the top on Android.

You can even customize the color and icon of your loading screen when creating an App Build! You can find out more about this feature in our documentation.

Happy Building!

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After working with @natedogg on the initial app with my build I can state 100% that this is the best wrapper available for apps built with bubble right now. Between Bubble and the codeless academy wrapper, everyone has all the tools that they need to build an incredible iOS/Android app that really does feel as good as all the other apps out there! Thanks Nate for this I really appreciate it!