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FullScreen youtube button behavior

I think this is a bug - can anyone else confirm?

Create a page with setting fixedwidth is disabled

In a video element set as youtube

If you try to push the Full screen button on the Youtube video it tries to expand then collapses.

Screen capture example:

This is not the behavior I expected. I think the page can’t make the video full screen because the disabled fixedwidth stops it somehow…

Thanks - John

Hey John :slight_smile: I think this is a bug as well. I tested on a fixed-width page and the video went to fullscreen mode, but it did not when the page was set to responsive.

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Cool thanks Faye! for verifying. I think in the interim I’ll just put a link to youtube under the video element that says View FullScreen.

Awesome! No problem :slight_smile: As a workaround for now you can also create a popup which takes up most of the screen with a video element inside. Then have your link below for full screen which opens the popup and plays the video. I do this by storing the video ID as a custom state on the page, and then when the popup is closed, that state gets set back to empty (to prevent the video from continuing to play in the background)

Great solution - I tested it and it works nicely. The full screen button actually works in the popup to boot :slight_smile:

I’m thinking my hack workaround will be to put a transparent group in front of the video element so when you click on it the popup always just appears with the video set to auto-play. Then you can go full screen from the popup if you want to.

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Ah! That’s a smart idea to have a transparent group in front! I’ll have to try that as well. :slight_smile:

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