Fully Responsive Drag and Drop Kanban Board

Happy to announce the first fully responsive drag and drop kanban board…It is set up in a fully responsive repeating group, so it can adjust dynamically to the page width ( there is also the option to make the repeating group fixed width if having a fully responsive version is not optimal for your design goals ).

Can move boards through drag and drop or in the task editor. Can switch priority of tasks within the same board group, or move a task from one board group to another and switch the priority properly. Drop tasks onto two different drop zones when switching between boards.

Visit the template preview page and play around with it to see all the functionality before you buy.

$29 for personal license. $159 for developer license.


Hi @boston85719. Looks good and is the type of feature I will need in my application. A question: is it possible to automate the “task generation” function? I’ve got a data table full of algorithmically-prioritised tasks, and would like to auto-fill the Kanban board with those actions rather than a user having to manually type them in. Does this plugin have that functionality?

Hi @steve18

The template does not currently have this function, however, it would be simple enough to add as a customization. If you are interested in customization services to add that feature feel free to reach out via a PM.