[TEMPLATE] Ultimate Kanban Template

Please note that the template is still undergoing final adjustments before its release. We’re currently ironing out the last few bugs to ensure a smooth experience once it’s available. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Demo URL: Ultimate Kanban

Jumpstart your project management tool with our Ultimate Kanban Board Template, exclusively designed for Bubble. This template provides a seamless, drag-and-drop interface using only Bubble’s official drag-and-drop plugin. Ideal for teams and individuals looking to organize tasks efficiently, our template mimics the best features of leading Kanban boards with an additional twist for enhanced user experience.

Unique Feature: List-Scrolling Mechanism

Experience the ease of navigating through tasks with our unique list-scrolling feature, designed to keep your workspace uncluttered. Unlike traditional pages that scroll, our Kanban board allows only the lists to scroll vertically, similar to Trello. This means you can view all your lists at a glance without losing sight of other important elements on the page.

Database Structure:

Our template’s backend is built on a straightforward yet powerful database structure to ensure smooth operation and easy customization:

  • Board: Represents an individual project or workspace. Each board can contain multiple lists, tailored to different stages or aspects of your project.

  • Board List: A column within a Board, representing a stage in your workflow (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Done). Each list can hold multiple tasks, allowing for detailed breakdowns of each project stage.

  • Board Task: The individual items that move between lists, representing tasks or items that need to be completed. Tasks can be assigned to different users and contain detailed descriptions, deadlines, and more.

  • User: Represents an individual with access to the board. Tasks can be assigned to Users, making it easy to track responsibility and progress across your team.

Getting Started:

  1. Create a Board: Begin by setting up a new board for your project. You can customize the board’s name and description to match your project’s needs.

  2. Add Lists to Your Board: Create lists within your board to represent different stages of your workflow. Customize each list’s name to reflect the specific stage it represents.

  3. Populate Lists with Tasks: Add tasks to each list by utilizing the drag-and-drop functionality. Assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and add descriptions to keep everyone on the same page.

  4. Efficient Navigation: Take advantage of the unique list-scrolling feature to navigate through tasks effortlessly. This ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Customization and Support:

Our Ultimate Kanban Board Template is designed for easy customization, allowing you to tailor it to your project’s specific needs. Should you require any assistance or wish to extend the template’s functionality, our support team is here to help at info@nocodeventure.com.

The template relies solely on Bubble’s official drag-and-drop plugin, avoiding any external plugins. Additionally, you’ll notice some nice features such as preventing page scrolling and an elegant vertical and horizontal scrollbar implementation.

Absolutely thrilled to announce our new Kanban board template!

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@nocodeventure mind sharing here how you made the scrolling work? I’ve built a kanban board already and would love to implement that as well as we’ve been struggling with it a bit. I tested the template and it works nice, great job on it.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your interest and for testing the template!

I understand the challenge you’re facing with implementing the scrolling feature. Since this is a key feature of our template, we keep the detailed implementation exclusive to our customers to maintain the value of our product.

If you need more in-depth assistance or the exact implementation, purchasing the template will provide you with all the details and support you need.

Great little template - well worth the price if anyone’s tried to step through this before.

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Thanks for the feedback! We kept the price low because we’re targeting developers in general—better to save it for the caffeine fix!