Fully Responsive Powerful CRM

Released a new template that provides exceptional power to manage team members and customers. Assign tasks to staff members, keep detailed notes on customers. Easy and quick click to email functionality for staff and customers.

Full responsive across all devices, including the popups. No detail was sparred in ensuring complete responsiveness.

Easily integrated into any existing project, or use it as the base to start your next project.

Bonus features include fully responsive header element, plus signup and login with redirect functionality.


Cool template. Great work! One thing I noticed and it’s just a matter of taste, but the alignment of date values in the grids seems a bit off to me when comparing it to the column header and other columns in the grid.

Thank you. Was made to be used in a personal project and decided to make it into a template as well.

It is center aligned, which is a different alignment than the other cells.

Can be changed easily if somebody’s personal preference is to have it left aligned as the other cells are.

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