I made an eCommerce CRM template on Bubble (I'm giving 50 copies away for free)

I made an eCommerce CRM template for Bubble called Desmily CRM. My idea is to provide an easy-to-use template that has all the basics one would need to launch their own internal CRM, soon I’m adding new features so it can be used to launch a SaaS CRM.

It already comes with some API integrations as well as most of the pages and widget you’ll need.

I’m giving it away for free until we reach 50 installs.

You can get the template here: Desmily CRM - Lite Version Template for Bubble

If you end up getting it, would you leave a review and provide me with any feedback?


Looks clean, I snatched a copy and will check it out some more :+1: If you don’t have it already a dark mode is basically required so my eyes don’t melt

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Awesome, I’m glad you liked it. Please let me know if you have any feedback.


Great work. I’ve just installed an app with your template. Will check it out tomorrow.

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Awesome, I hope you get the most of it. If you have any feedback or find any bugs, please let me know.

I’ve found some responsive issues e.g. Desmily CRM
Horizontal scrollbar.

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Yes, mobile responsiveness is one of the updates I have planned for the next few days/weeks.