[GAME: COMING SOON] Are you ready?

A strategy game where the player needs energy to survive. And monsters to protect themselves.

Monsters transform energy into magic, power and strength, to battle other monsters and gain more energy and points. New monsters are unlocked as a player’s score increases.

The game has a limbo area, where the worst breeds of players gather to engage in arguments, taunts or strategize.

When a player goes 24 hours without a battle, his monsters fall asleep. And sleeping monsters cannot protect your player’s power cells. You can capture energy from other players and leave annoying messages for your opponents.

The game was fully developed in Bubble and can be accessed via desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Beta version will be available in July 2021, just for a few people.

Official release in August 2021.


Nice !
Excited to see the result.

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Waiting for you!

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I like your use of animation! I wasn’t able to battle anyone at the moment, but I didn’t run into any errors or problems testing it out.

Looks good.

How did you do the full screen mode?

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It keeps forcing refresh. It seems you are only sharing the test-version, not the live-version. So we can’t test out the game when you are editing. :cry: I was hoping to see what the game was about

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you are totally right. I really did it the wrong way, I should have released a live version for the beta test. I’m now fixing the bugs based on the feedback I received and soon releasing the final version. Thanks for the tip.


Congratulations! The initial setup with the sound effects is very immersive and cool. Looking forward to see how this progresses! Great job

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The game uses three plugins that I developed, two of them still being tested: Full Screen, Device Orientation and Share element as Image.

The Full Screen plugin does not work on iOS devices.

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I’m happy about it! Thanks!

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