Gantt Chart help

Any suggestions on how one would develop a gantt chart that listed tasks against a timeline? I assume the progress bar would be a major part of it.


pretty sure you cant do multi variable charts as in number of things over time. just single number of total things.
updating the charts element is something i would be interested in crowdfunding if anyone else is interested.


What would we need to raise?

We need to decide what all we want/need to be added and then we can submit to the Bubble team for a price.

I would like to be able to show a line graph of ‘amount of things’ over a time period like how we used to be able to see the amount of users per month on the Bubble app page.

I would also like to define Multiple things and have it as percentages or parts of a whole in a pie or donut chart. Maybe using the ‘do a search for’ for each variable.

What other use cases can you think of? Anybody else?

If you need to, I think you might be able to hack together a Gantt chart by nesting a horizontal repeating group (representing days) within a vertical repeating group (representing tasks). Then you could color the individual cells based on whether that cell’s day is within a date range for that task. Does that make sense?


That might work. I will have to play around with it. Thanks

@Bradluffy - this should hopefully give you enough to get started:


Got one working. Pretty cool actually. Thanks for the tips!

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I wonder if you could create a Gannt chart using Google Charts and the Bubble API ?


I actually just hacked one together that is really working well. I think as my requirements change I may have to revisit this and see if another option will work more effectively. Perhaps Bubble will also introduce new chart options in the future!!

Yes, that was more pondering the possibilities, rather than a solution for you :slightly_smiling:

Hi Bradluffy. Would you be so kind to share it with us? I am wondering how i can change time range dynamically in the example of vlad?


I guess he wouldn’t. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi all, we have just published a gantt chart plugin, please check it out here

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Hi… noticed that the thread was kind of :ghost:ed but I am wondering the same thing. I want to use google gantt chart, but need some help with getting Bubble data into the javascript. This is the code from Google, but how can I insert dynamic Bubble data into the code with a list of things?