Interactive / Editable Gantt chart?

Hey all,

I am assuming there isn’t a plugin out there for this? (hopefully it makes some sense based on my description).

What id like is an editable Gantt chart. The user inputs a start and end date, and a series of tasks with durations. Id like to be able to produce a simple Gantt chart from these inputs, and then have the ability for the user to drag the tasks around and expand and collapse them changing their durations! Big ask…

Have not used any of them but you could explore their function:

Thank you for the response @cmarchan , I appreciate it.

My understanding is these are both just view / outputs from data that exists in the database. What I would like is a gantt that I can adjust / have as an input that I can then write data back to the database.

The first one does not seem like just a view. Wouldn’t you say @Thimo?

@cmarchan @tomcvijanovic

The Gantt chart main purpose is to show data, but you can implement the ‘bar is clicked’ event to display data inside a popup for example and modify the data there :slight_smile:

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@cmarchan @Thimo

Thanks Both, That could work!