Ge'ez calendar plugin (like Full Calendar or Air Calendar)

We have a client who would like to display their events in the ge’ez calendar (Ethiopian and Eritrean). We would like to hire someone to build us a Full Calendar or AirCalendar-like calendar plugin that utilizes the ge’ez timeline. If you’re up to it, please let me know your pricing and availability to complete the build. Thanks!


I have received several messages from people assuring me they can either connect me with someone who can do the work, or can work for me with no mention of being able to make a calendar, or (my favorite) can create the calendar in any other format except Bubble. Are there actual bubble developers out there that would be interested in tackling this type of calendar?

Is there a particular library you’re looking to implement? Curious to see what can be done. A quick Google search and I don’t see any libraries for this.

I don’t know of any libraries either. It might be a more complicated build than I realize.

Oh, it’s definitely a complicated build.