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Generate a button or control AFTER an event or API call

Hi all, I can’t tell if this is a super basic question or if it is a bit advanced. Basically my idea is this:

  • click some series of buttons
  • on various clicks, I’ll make an API call to some service I still need to write.
  • when the call returns, I will display a table or calendar.
  • on another page or section of this page, I want to display some series of buttons, sort of a log of what I just did. I should be able to click these and kind of redo what I just did again later if necessary.

Does this all seem fairly easily possible or is some of it advanced or impossible? It seems like I could use a repeating group that keeps adding some element, based on adding an uploaded image and each image appears in the group. However, the element will actually not be an image but some kind of control that the user will click to initiate some other action (probably another API call to my service). Also, the repeating group cannot be hardcoded to some arbitary limit of N items. Thanks!

This sounds very possible either through a repeating group situation or even just visibility toggles of elements. Your repeating group, and any data involved, can respond to dynamic counts and content in a variety of ways. Without more context, I can’t really provide a super precise approach, but so far it all sounds well within Bubble’s capabilities.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Awesome thanks for the quick reply. I’ll post some detailed follow up questions after I try the basics. So far not having too much luck with the repeating group but I am probably just not used to it yet. I did the repeating group tutorial before. May have to try it again. If a repeating group can get arbitrarily longer, I am going to be in business.

Edit: come to think of it, this should be similar to the not real twitter example, where “tweets” accumulate and the list shows them. Each “tweet” can have more actions associated with them. I see from inspecting the element that a repeating group is used. What I cannot figure out yet is how to keep adding to my repeating group as my data grows. Edit 2: ok that works pretty well. I see that if I just put Current Thing’s Thing, it automatically grows my group. So if the Thing were a “tweet” my list would keep growing. That’s getting pretty close to what I want it to do!