Generate a dynamic form based on type of element when page is loaded

Hello all,
I am working on a PoC project to prove the ability of using Bubble for my new project. The project requires to create dynamic form elements (such as: Input, Dropdown, Checkbox…) when the page is loaded.
For instance, I have a table with 2 columns (Text of element, Type of element) based on the data presents in the table, page will generate dynamic elements for user.
is it possible to implement this feature with bubble?

Many thanks


It is possible.

Create a data type called “field” with an options set field for your different inputs (text, number, multi line, date, checkbox, image, etc)

Create a very tall rg of 1 row 1 column and set the type to “field” and source to “search fields”

Inside the rg stack groups where you will place your inputs one at a time:

Group 1 with an input element that will accept text. Make it hidden and collapsible. Set it to become visible when current row field is of option type text.

Group 2 … same as above for number
Group 3 … same as 1 but for multi line (multi line input element)
Group 4 … same as 1 but for date (use date picker element)

There are more details for this app of course but hopefully this suggested structure can get you started.

Last thing I can suggest is to explore templates for form builders in the marketplace. Perhaps, they do not fit your vision but you can study how the author approached the build. And you can apply some of those techniques (or not … ) to your app. Templates are also great for learning!

Best of luck with your app :+1:t2:

Hello @cmarchan,
Thanks for your solution. It help me understand about using RG for such kind of request. Of course, to achieve this requirement it requires challenges really.


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