Form for new database entry based on data fields


I’m very new to Bubble so sorry in advance if my question is an obvious yes/no. I am looking if the following is possible and couldn’t find it after long search.

I would like a user to be able to see a form that lists all data fields for a certain data type and be able to populate these, but with that form automatically adjusting when a new data field is added to the database. This is thus bascially the same as the ‘new entry’ form shown in the backend by bubble, but then in a page.

Thanks in advance!

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The short answer is yes … and much much more! :grinning:

Perhaps these series of short videos can introduce you to app building in Bubble

Thank you for your reply!

I went through these, but all (also other ones I followed) are showing how to generate the input forms by adding data type fields one by one. This means that if you later on add a new data type field in the database, you need to add it as well to the form. Is there a way to avoid this and make the field in the input form dynamic so that it lists all field names that are included in a certain data type automatically, and is there any guidance available on how to do this?


In a dropdown input select dynamic choices

In this case I’d want there to be one input field generated per choice. So like where RG is listing rows of a table, it would need to generate all columns of a table that can then be edited.

Actually I’m looking for creating a user input form as indicated in the first image which automatically becomes the second image after adding a new field:

I now understand what you need. > A form builder. This way you can build the forms as you need them dynamically.

That is possible but complex to explain how to build. Following some general comments on how to approach this:

  • Create a dB structure with thing 1 being a “form” and a 2nd subordinate thing called “field”.
  • A form will have a list of fields
  • Fields can be of type text, type date, type image, etc
  • You would have to build a UI and logic to enable the creation of a form and the selection of its fields
  • Thereafter you would have to build the UI and logic to display the actual form and its corresponding dynamic fields

I actually have build a form builder in one of my apps. This is a screenshot for reference purposes:


Form displayed:

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