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Generate a workflow diagram after various events

Hi Bubblers!

I want to create a workflow diagram, kind of like the Bubble workflow screen, after the user does certain events. How would you go about doing this:

  • if you could do this only in Bubble
  • if you had to write your own JS code
  • if you could combine your JS code with Bubble for most other aspects?

Thanks for any tips or ideas.

How much can the diagram change from user to user? If there aren’t that many options just showing and hiding elements may be all you need to do, or maybe take a look at draggable elements and see if they can do what you need.

Interesting, thanks. Yeah those are good ideas. Ideally it will change very dynamically from user to user, kind of keeping track of things in a flow chart. Hmm, I need to think about it some more. Also, are you saying to do those changes all in Bubble? Or in code? If the latter, would it work with Bubble?

If it is linear, then you could use shapes in a repeating group.

Really interesting, thanks. I’ll check this out!