Workflows Speed

Hello Everyone,

I really need help with my workflows. i know i have quite a few workflows for one of my pages but i noticed that one of my most important actions takes more than1 minute to complete and i know it will definitely frustrate the users. this action has custom workflows embedded in it and it is why the action takes a lot of time.

I dont mind changing the workflow but i dont know how else to achieve what i need without this workflow

Any help is greatly appreciated. Im a bit at my wits end


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Which workflow is it, what is it trying to do, and how have you set it up?

Thanks so much.

Its an add. Its supposed to add values to two tables and update a third. i have the setup because i will need to add multiple items to the table. Adding the first item is fast because i have the reset workflow first. but subsequent ones takes almost 1 minute.

Is the app set to Public? I tried accessing, and it kicks me back to the Bubble home screen.

sorry i updated it now. Its public now

issue i have is in the reusable sales order. the work flow is on the icon fa fa plus. I colored the workflows red

I assume I’m looking at the workflow for “When Button Pay is Clicked.” That is a gnarly looking step of actions! I don’t have time at this moment (at work) to look through it all, but i’m 95% sure it can be significantly optimized. I’ll try to get to it today, but I can’t promise anything, unfortunately.

In general, you’re doing a ton of “Do a search for…” in all those actions, and I think those can be cleaned up. You might also want to look at running some of this as an API workflow so it doesn’t hang up the user, just a thought.

OMG!!! That pay button ive been thinking through how to simplify it as well.

Would really really appreciate if you are able help just have a look through. Im essentially done. i just need things to speed up. really appreciate you help


You can see the speed of each workflow inside the Log, and identify the most consuming one. For example this process of creation take 12 seconds to be made.

Hi there. 12 seconds is a lot im looking ways to make it quicker

All process took 50 sec! instead of 5 sec. Bug report as been sent :wink:

errr i dont think its a bug