Generate Pages+urls from database?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a jobboard from data collected in de bubble database.
Is it possible to create webpages plus a readable url from the stored data? Without having to create separate pages. These job postings also have to be public available without log-in.



Hi @nick8,

You can achieve this by creating a dynamic page. Set the content-type of a single page (let’s call it “post”) to your Job Post data type.

Whenever you navigate to this page with the Go to Page action, you can send data to it by referencing a single post in your database.

Elements on the page can then reference “current page’s Post’s [field]”

By default, the url will be something like

The number is the unique id that Bubble generates for every record in the database. You can slightly alter this by going back to the page settings and setting a “field for readable url” which would be a text field in the Job Post data type. This will change the url to be something like

I recommend going through the lesson on Sending Data to Pages here:

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