Struggling to share data between pages

Complete Bubble newbie here who has been tasked at creating an app that captures recruiters questions for new candidates.

I’ve created a database for Company, Jobs & Questions.

As a step one I follow a process where the user creates a new company in an onbaording process (this all works). When a new company is created, it creates a random CompanyID.

I’ve used page parameters to send the company ID to the next page ‘Create a job’ so that the job is tied to a company. I can see the ID in the URL during my tests.

However, when I go to my jobs table the CompanyID either displays (deleted thing) or is completely blank.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any easier way of doing this (maybe a companyID is not the way forward?)

You can set the type of the page to a data type and when navigating to that page with an action, there will be an extra parameter to send. Bubble takes care of all URL structure and everything in this way.

Since you are new, you can check this tutorial for the idea: Learn | Bubble Editor


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