Generate QR cod when I creat a new item

Hey everyone,
I am stuck on a problem and the problem is that I am creating a product and want that when this product is created a QR code should be generate of that particular product and when I scan that QR code the data of that product can be seen.
How can I do this, although I am trying to achieve my goal but need your help too.
Please help me to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance​:raised_hands::heart:

Hi @jangidrahul0494

First, you need to install this plugin.

Link:- Barcode & QR Code Generator Plugin | Bubble

Then apply the barcode generator plugin while you are creating the product. Enter the value you want to send to the barcode, as shown in the screenshot:-

After entering the data when you click the submit data save the QR/Barcode to the database. (Note: Data type should be img).

If any further assistance is required get in touch with me on:

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