Inventory System - generate QR code for each SKU

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I can see there are similar topics created previously, but I haven’t been able to find exactly what I am after, so I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.

I’m wanting to create an inventory system where you enter in the data (SKU, item description, quantity received, photo, location) and a QR code is generated and attached to that SKU, and then that QR code is printable so it can be physically attached to that item.

I want the system to be searchable so I can see where a certain item is and the quantity. Eg. SC1 (SKU), 5 (quantity), A.1.2 (location). And then to be able to take that item out of the system, or to transfer between locations.

This is a very simple explanation of what I am trying to build.

At the moment I am trying to build the ‘create’ part of it, but I don’t quite understand the generate QR and attach to a SKU section, and then how to get that to print from within the app/page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It might help to break this down into smaller parts. It’s kinda hard to describe how to build an entire system in a thread.

What’s one specific part of this that you’re working on that you need help with?

Generally, I’d think you need to know what the link or string each QR code is going to have, and then you’ll need to find a QR code generator plugin to make it for each item. Hard to get more specific, hope that was helpful anyway.

Hi @brenton.strine,

I was thinking the same :sweat_smile:. I wanted to start with the QR code creation for each item. What do you mean by ‘link or string each QR code is going to have’?


What do you mean by ‘link or string each QR code is going to have’?

I mean what is the content of the QR code? Usually a link, but could be any string (of text).

What plugins have you looked at? I have used this one:

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QR codes are simply text. A URL is simply text. Most of the time a QR code is just a link.

In Bubble you have various approaches for links to certain data type entries, one of which is to have a page with a type of content set to that data type. You should investigate how to send data to pages, slugs and page content type.

When a user opens a link to a page with content type you would need to have created the page to show all related information such as SKU, quantity and location. This information should be saved as data fields on the data type. You should look into how to structure your data if you are unfamiliar.

To make the QR code printable, there are various plugins to help with making elements (mostly groups, and never maps unfortunately) printable.

Most of what you are looking to achieve is going to be driven by your data structure and allowing users to modify that data.

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I may be completely wrong here, but I’m assuming you want to get your app to generate the QR code as soon as the user has added a new inventory item, right?

I am building a similar inventory system as well, and all of the QR code generators work great, BUT they can sometimes take a few seconds to generate the code. I have a workflow that gets triggered that does a bulk update of all inventory items that don’t yet have a QR code. It all runs in the background and the user doesn’t have to wait for the QR code to be generated before they add another inventory item. So far, it’s working great.

I just call the QR code generator and pass it the SKU I’ve created for the item. I store both the image of the QR code as well as the URL. I probably don’t need to do both, but these QR codes are NOT long-term needed; they will exist for perhaps a week or so before they get purged.

Again, I may be off from what you are asking, but if I can help, I’ll be glad to.

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Yes, you are correct. Thank you for the info.

I’m not too concerned with it taking several seconds to generate the code. Parts will slowly trickle in so I want to be able to create, print and attach code to physical item as each part comes in to minimise the chance of attaching the wrong code to a part. And unfortunately these are the type of parts that will come in without a barcode otherwise I would just use those.

Are you able to share your workflow with me?

And while I’ve got you, I’m curious to know, are you moving stock of varying quantities to different locations? Eg. 10 screws are in location 1.1, and you want to move 5 screw to location 1.2. I can’t wrap my head around how I get the system to understand that I am taking 5 from 1.1 and putting into 1.2, therefore there are still 5 in 1.1. Any suggestions? I’m still very new to Bubble

Thanks mate. I’ve looked at a couple QR code generators.

I need the QR code to be attached to SKU but it will also be printed and attached to an item. I want to be able to scan QR code on an item instead of manually typing in a SKU, to say I am taking this item from this location and its going to that location/being used/being sold. I’m very new to Bubble so a lot of the terminology goes over my head haha

I use the QRCodeScanner plug-in. I just place it on the page and “start” it when I am ready to scan a QR code.

When it scans a code, I set a state on the page to the value the plug-in returns (which in my case is the SKU). I can then retrieve the item # with that SKU. My app lets the user “add the item to cart”, but your app could just as easily give your user the option to move to a different storage location.

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Thanks! The plan is to give limited access to most staff, just to take or move stock. The creation of items & QR codes will only be one or two of us.

Do you have any links to what you are suggesting?

I tried a couple of the printing plugins but they all seemed to want to print the whole page and not a certain element/data. Maybe I have been doing it wrong…?

Thank you. I’ll have a play around today and see what I can do. Need to get it to print QR codes first… :joy:

I don’t recall which ones I played with but as I remember most allowed for printing a particular group.

You could also look into using @media queries and custom code to setup yourself I believe. I recently watched a youtube video on use of media queries within CSS to change properties of elements based on if it was for print or not. Makes me think it is possible to do in Bubble.

I honestly have not had much luck with any of the plugins I tested and one I bought I was very disappointed with it as it was a guessing game to get the correct dimensions for the print.

Somebody created a POS system and posted about how they achieved printing receipts.

FWIW: I have not even gotten around to printing out my inventory labels yet.

BUT I was able to get my Zoho Creator app to generate really nice-looking labels. I used a Brother QL printer which has multiple sizes of labels you can use. I had the Zoho app create a pdf file of the labels which I could then open and send to the Brother printer. Worked great. But I had to abandon using Zoho since they basically screwed me over on using their platform to build a SaaS app, which is why I converted to Bubble.

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