Generate random user

Hello, I’m trying to generate a random user, but it works only once.

I would like to click a button and each time it would generate a new user, I tried many things but the only think that worked is to refresh the page entirely (which I think is suboptimal). I’m sure there is a better way to do this. Can anyone please help?

Basically I need to find a way to re-trigger the generation, but can’t find how. Is there any way to refresh one element, not the entire page?

Thank you very much for your help!
Here is the link to the specific app where I have isolated the issue:

There are plugins available in bubble, which will generate it easily.

Indeed, I have used the plugin “Generate random User” by Coachingnoccodeapps (@romanmg ). And when using this plugin I haven’t figured out how to trigger the generation of a new user each time I click the button (first time it works, buth then, no matter how many times I click the button, it works only once, unless I refresh the page).

Let the inputbox takes its values from “Custome State” of the same INPUTBOX001 with Custom State INP-001

Once you click the button, Set stateINP-001 to "Calculate Random User…User name, age etc…