Generating a PDF and Emailing it

Hi Everyone

**I have tried many many ways and I am not having much success… **

**I need to generate a PDF that incorporates multiple tables and multiple entries. I have had success with this in displaying the data. However when I generate this as a PDF the information spreads over more than one page but the cut off and spacing is all whacked out. I can not seem to figure anything out that lets me introduce a page break or just regular margins… **


**I cant seem to email this as an attachment. It only goes as a link and when I click add as an attached file based on whatever step its created in it emails an attachment that isnt recognized… **

HELP Im going cracked trying to figure this out…

TIA, Girl going crazy…

Use “PDF Conjurer” plugin.

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any idea how I might create this… its a repeat group but doesnt really follow the table format concept…