Geographic Address Using Coordinates NO GOOGLE

Is there any way to turn a set of coordinates into a geographic address without using the google geocoding API?

My goal is to avoid Google for all my location needs.

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What about Mapbox or Stadia?

I need to turn a set of coordinates into a geographic address to save the address to the database.

I’m not focused on displaying on a map, but I am already using mapbox and stadia through the leafy plugin.

Now I just need to find a way to take coordinates and turn them into an address.

That’s called “Reverse geocoding”, you can try to find an API that has a generous free plan out there, possibly from Mapbox and Stadia providers.

Did you find a solution to this @boston85719 ? I’m trying to do the opposite, use a geographic address entered by a user and turn it into coordinates, without using Google Geocoding API.

How are you getting the geographic address? Likely, that is using the input element with type set to address or a searchbox element searching geographic addresses, in either case, it is using Google API to get those geographic addresses, and when you have a geographic address in Bubble the lat and lng are available from that geographic address by using the more operator on geographic addresses in a dynamic expression.

Yes, I’m using the input element “search box”, geographic place, default value current geographic position.

So Bubble is using Google Geocoding API as their “partner” for this SearchBox element therefore we can’t get away from Google (unless we set up a different input with API calls etc)?

If anyone has done this before, would love to know how, thanks!

I believe most would use a different geocoding service provider…some used mapbox or Stadia I believe. Have a search for some plugins by @vini_brito regarding geocoding or reverse geocoding.

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Yes, Leafy Maps includes that, Mapbox geocoding, type an address, get a coordinate to use in the map :blush:

Also there is another standalone plugin called Geocodio, it works for US and Canada addresses only last I saw.

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