Plot markers on map not using Google API

I track my user’s geolocation in the background using natively wrapper and save latitude and longitude on a database. Is there any way to plot this points in a map not needing to use google api to convert latitude longitude to an address? Is not possible to just use latitude and longitude?

Sorry if this is a noob thing. New here.

Bubble has a built in function through a dynamic expression of ‘calculate coordinates to address’, which I am not sure, but maybe just a built in API to google to do that, so if you are looking to not pay Google anything, that might not be the option.

There are other map providers, and a plugin that assists. Leafy maps plugin allows you to use Mapbox or Stadia for maps and the plugin requires you use coordinates for plotting markers. But there are plugins for use with Google maps and the built in map element from Bubble, but I am not sure if any allow use of coordinates only, but they would be worth checking out if they do.