Geographic map design which would be interactive

I would like to make a app where there would be a geographic map design which would be interactive . That is to say to say if you click on the different regions you get access to different informations.

On the homepage of the site below you can see a good example of what i would like to get with a map of France

Looking at that page’s source, I can deduct that they made an SVG image where each of the regions were parts of the image and each contained a link to a sub-page.

There are quite a bit of good resources on creating the map, Google something like: Clickable SVG map.

When you’ve created the image and links, paste it into an HTML element in Bubble.

Thank you very much for your answer which put back on the right searchtrack with the keyword “svg”.

I also had the chance to ask the question to one of our senior mentor in the frame of the traineeship I’m following .

He answered with a detailed 15min video (in French) which I’m happy to share here

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