Get a State inside a Third Part Plugin

Hi There,

Is there a way to get the value of a State inside a Plugin? Let me explain…

I’m Using Calendar Plugin (Bubble) and I need to know the date that it is displaying…

When I change dates (pressing a plugin button, it changes the displayed month, and I’d like to add some functionalities based on the displayed month…
The plugin itself does not inform the displayed month…
So, Is it possible (by Inspector - for instance) to know the triggered State and its current value?

hi @augusto1

I am not sure how this calendar plugin is built, but I know that I am happy that I´ve made the way around it after using it several times and hitting limitations like you do now.

Check YT for “how to build a javascript calendar in bubble”. This is not that hard (as I am an absolute no coder) but helps you with so many things regarding calendar and date functions.
Plus it´s fully customizable and you can inject and extract data like u want it in your example.

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Yeah, with some of these more basic plugins there are some pretty big limitations quickly! DIY is the best option for sure

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