Get Data from js withough js 2 bubble element

Hi Guys,

Does someone know a way to run js code and get the result back into the next action without js 2 bubble element?


Build a custom plugin. That’s the only method that works for me. Js to bubble, somehow, I’ve never figured out how to use efficiently when compared to making my own plugins with its own states & data types.

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So I tried but did not quite understand how to publish a value from an action of a plugin without an element on the screen.
how do I publish data from action in a plugin on Bubble? I just want to publish the value:

You need to use a Server side action. This is the only way to return data from the action itself instead of storing data into elements state.

But its a javascript running in the browser “document.getElementById(“input-some-id”).value;”
No way to do it?