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Get app files posted to /fileuploader endpoint

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to retrieve files that have been posted in my app. Right now, these files can be found in “Data > File Manager”, but I wonder if I can get them using Bubble API.

I need this because I want to automate some kind of “search and destroy” routine for unwanted files in my app, as the endpoint /fileupload is not very secure and can be used to upload any kind of file, even without your permission, filling your app space and can also be used to host malicious files in your app/domain.

Thanks for any response.

@leonardo.cardoso Were you able to find a way?

Am new I need a app I can use for admob

I created a Javascript/Node code and used Puppeteer to access, scan and delete files.

I will be very happy if you help me with one for admob to generate income