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Get data from a URL

I am attempting to get data from a URL by changing the URL and then trying to get that parameter after it’s done. I am aware of the navigation/setting a key method, but the elements are on the same page and reloading the page has undesirable effects. Any ideas?

Thank you

Hi kyleforkey,

I actually have a short youtube playlist on this. If you are very fast at learning you can probably skip videos 1 and 2 and go straight to 3 and 4 to help you understand. I hope it will clear it up from you why your current method needs to be altered to show the data you want. Instead you need “Do a search for”.

To read, after watching the video: You say you are on the same page. Note you can use "Navigation go to page " and do not require this "replace the URL of browser. " I have it working on my app, where everything is on the index page and I use “go to page index”, even while on the index page.

(tiplist is type tiplist)

hope this helps.
pm me if you have any questions
regards Julius

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Hi Julius, I am wondering if something has changed from within Bubble, as if I say Go to page Index, Bubble will not let me deploy the app. It gives an error of “Go to page index - Change page actions should not be used in a native app page”.
Do you know how I can work around this?

for native apps you cannot use go to page workflow
you got to use states to control what is shown/hidden.