Get data from an external website into my bubble app ?!

Hi everyone,

I want to display images from google image web site into my popup which contain a repeating group of image. More precisely, the url of the google image website has to contain the value of the input which is in my popup, as a parameter of the url.

For example :
google image classic url:
google image url with input’s value as a parameter :’s value

So, my question is : how can I achieve this kind of task ?




This is a complicated question you are asking, so here are a few ideas for you to move forward:

  • you can create a repeating group within bubble to display dynamic data (eg URL of images from external websites)
  • you need to get a list of the image files to display in the repeating group. Since your images are from a Google search you need to develop a Bubble external API… so look this up on the Bubble forum or internet and you can learn from videos like this one
  • then you will need to create a Google search API to call to load into your repeating group… Google will allow you to do this via

Hope this helps

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