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Navigate through PopUp showing items from repeating group

We have a search which creates a repeating group showing images.
When you select one item from the repeating group it opens a popup, displaying the images and more information about that image.
We want to be able to navigate from one image to the next within the pop up, like you would in a slideshow, but there is all the extra information so slideshow doesn’t work.

We tried “show next” in the workflow but get this error:

Any ideas??



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Yes, your repeating group needs to fixed, not scrollable.

Luckily, there is a BoB block very similar :slight_smile:

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And we can do this on a popup??

BoB… I love him!! He needs a little cartoon man made of Bubbles!!

(obviously not that one!!!)

I don’t see why not. As long as the popup knows what to search for it should work. I think it is a nice block, list of things with an image that then pops up a scrollable carousel of image/data.

As you know, my skill set doesn’t extend to anything graphical, it would take me a week to get something looking as good as Mrs BoB above :slight_smile:

I love that you decided the bald headed BoB should be a woman!!

Also, as you are using custom states here, and it’s impossible to see what’s in this:

Would it be possible to put a screenshot in BoB? It would help a lot!

Also, I found this… I think it’s free!

Yes, annoyingly the Rich Text editor won’t host the image, so need to save it somewhere and link. Or upload the images and insert them via bubble. Or something. But yes, it would be useful to have images :slight_smile:

Bald Man ? Woman with Red Lipstick and flowers in her hair !

You see what you want to see… I made a bald man with little tufts of grey…

More importantly, yes, a better text editor with inline images would be awesome. Shall we ask @Emmanuel for one? It would make blogging on the bubble app much better!

Indeed, will have play and see if I can work out how to do it better.

In the mean time …

Is that what you are after ?

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When life brings you lemons… make lemonade…

…or have a G&T ?

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@NigelG Do you have a set of data for the site? Just curious how data driven “blocks” might work.

Public app is here …

@NigelG What do we do if we start from a repeating group showing images, click a random one we want to see more info about in a PopUp, and then want to keep navigating through the PopUp to see the next images?

Not quite sure what you mean ?

Do you mean going from the images in one repeating group elements … onto the next ?

Yes. Say there are 7 images in a repeating group. It doesn’t matter which one we choose to see firs in the popup, but from there we want to be able to go forwards and backwards in the popup.

Ah, Ok. I think that is a different thing to what I had above. I was scrolling through a list of images on a thing.

You have a list of images, that you then want to navigate by both Repeating Group (the summary) and popup (the detail).

Interesting ! May have to have a ponder.

@NigelG @lonetour You’re talking about something like how you can scroll through FB photos regardless of where in the order you click, right?

RG_1 = in the popup
RG_2 = holds your thumbnails

What’s worked for me is to put a RG_1 into the popup (with the same list of photos feeding into it), only set the RG_1 to 1x1. In the workflow, specify that when you click the thumbnail in the RG_2, that popup’s RG_1 needs to go to the “page” which is the current cell #.

Then in a separate workflow for when you click on the image in the popup (ie in RG_1), it’ll be Show Next of that RG_1 + wrap. I think you’ll have to do another action of “Scroll to RG_1” too, for some reason I needed to put that in to get it to work properly.

There’s a brief + awkward stretching that happens when the images transition, if they’re different sizes, but otherwise it works fine.


Yes, it was the bit about sending the index of the repeating group to the pop up so that it starts on the right page that I was wondering about.

In my example I had a prev/next button in the pop-up.

I have built it here.

So the slight quirk is that you can’t use BOTH “scroll to” AND “prev / next” as they work on scrollable and fixed repeating groups separately.

So you use the “go to page” function.


oh shoot, you’re right, I just checked my workflow and realized I misspoke about the first “scroll to” – It’s a “go to page.” Have corrected it above

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