Get external API information workaround?

Hi everyone,

I am working with the Etherscan API that gets information from a specific wallet. It is only able to get information from one wallet address at a time. I have a database that grabs the first item and uses it as an input.

Technically, the API needs to run separately for each wallet in the database. How would I be able to achieve this? Posting screenshots below of the current set up.

you can look here, maybe it helps.

Yes. “Schedule API workflow on a list” is what you want.

Thank you both for the suggestion.

I looked at the other post above but I am still having issues running it correctly. Should “Type of things” and “List to run on” be from my database? Where would I go about setting the logic to replace the API parameter and run it through the database list?

im not really good at explaining, i hope you can take a look at my setup to get a price from moralis api and try to implement yours.

my step:

you can (Schedule API Workflow “Api workflow name” on a list)
Type of things = walletAddress
List to run on = Search for walletAddress (Type = walletAddress)
Api Workflow = whatever you name it from the backend
Scheduled date = your desire date
walletAddress = This walletAddress

hope this help.
credit to guy name williamtisdale and Jici for helping me with this api call.

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Thanks for posting your screenshots. I am getting closer but still getting an error. I posted my screenshots below, please let me know if you can tell what I am doing wrong based on the screenshots.

Can you send the screenshot of the error api ? Click the etherscan on red words from your “make changes to”

On the path address parameter, change “search for” with “This walletAddress address” look at my screenshot up there. I never use the first item, you can try to remove it.

The error is the box right beside it in the last screenshot. I definitely don’t have it set up correctly.

What are your setup on the right box from this one?

This is my set up. To clarify, I am running the Etherscan API and have the list of wallets in the database that needs to replace the parameter.

what is the options there that you need to fetch from the api?
can you screenshot your “schedule api workflow (changewallet) on a list” from the page workflow?

or you can try this on make changes to wallet address:
address = etherscan - getHolderinformation’s result ": each item ? " : first item

i need to know what the api result offered you: maybe token holders/total supply or anything in there, you need to focus on which data from the initialized call

Thanks for your help. I’ll keep on trying - hopefully it will click soon enough.

You need to schedule it so that it will call the api automatically maybe you can do it on your home page “page load”

You cannot manually enter the address value and manually reinitialized the call, it will only show the result from only the address you call.

Set a schedule api workflow on a list, you will not gonna use the “result” word behind your etherscan api call dynamic

what’s up Reubenk? did your api call already scheduled?

Hey, thanks for checking in. Still working on it - I need all this to show in the repeating group, but it’s forcing me to select it in the API scheduler.

try to implement this on your page load or any button that can be clicked

can i see your repeating group? simply just add all the data result =

So I got it working, but not the right way. When the page loads, all data under “address” gets changed to “tokenName”. I need it to grab the wallet addresses from the database and put it in the parameter in the API - I’m having a hard time understanding how “Make change to thing” is correct when I don’t want it to make changed to the database, but instead to the API.

is the “result” is binded with the “getHolderInformation’s”

or is it separate?