Saving External API Data to Bubble Database

I posted this as a reply in another thread but think it will be found easier here. For all trying to save external API data to the Bubble database, as Bubble doesn’t have their actual API released yet.

So I found a workaround for this that works great. What I did was create input boxes for each “thing” you want to pull from an external API. So if you’re trying to pull an address and a title, create two input boxes where each will have the external API data as “initial value”. Then you can create the workflow to “Thing”=“InputWhatever’sValue”

You can disable the input on the input boxes and hide them. Now when you submit your form or action, it will pull from the external API, place it into the input box, and then save to your database. Easy fix for copying outside info into your Bubble database.


Love it! Thanks @bam

The issue I am having is that Bubble is storing all of the API database’s items into one single row inside of a “Thing” (the separated rows are now just separated by commas). In other words, the Bubble Thing has only one row: “APIcolumn1_itema, APIcolumn1_itemb, APIcolumn1_itemb, etc.” The next column (or item) in Bubble’s Thing is “APIcolumn2_itema, APIcolumn2_itemb, APIcolumn2_itemb, etc.”

Hopefully this makes sense, and understand the problem I am having. I just need to replicate the table from the external database.

Hi @bam.
I just tried this and i fear this method does not work anymore.

Any suggestion to achieve the very same result now ?

It still works, like it should. thanks @bam

Please help
how to get the API updated every second without using “Do every seconds”
I tried to use the workflow backend but it only runs once

Example API :